I am a freelance graphic designer providing graphic & website design services aimed at small businesses.

Graphic Design Services

Need a new look?  Some new literature? An eye-catching leaflet? But without spending a fortune...

  • Logos

  • Stationery

  • Leaflets

  • Adverts

  • Posters

  • Wedding and Party Invitations


Website Design Services

Getting started on the internet is never easy, but we aim to design a site that gives you the best possible start.

We specialise in html based web sites for small companies with limited budgets.  This site is html based.  As you have seen there are no limits to the size of the site and you can easily add more pages at any stage.

HTML is the basic code that is behind the pages.  It's simplicity allows the majority of surfers to access your site quickly and easily.  More complex sites may look flashy, but can often take a long time to download, some require additional software and many surfers switch off before the front page is loaded!

We recommend white backgrounds, they are crisp and clean, and make any pictures look much cleaner.  We also recommend a list of buttons to each page on the site, allowing navigation from anywhere in the site, and reducing the chances of getting 'lost'.

We place keywords, not just behind the front page, but behind every single page, to allow search engines to list every one of them.

These are just some of the theories we apply to designing sites. There are many more.

The following sites are just an example of what we can do:




For a quotation, please email me and we can discuss your requirements.


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